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Music has been used throughout the ages as a force to incite hatred and war, or to inspire harmony and peace. Musicologist and peace activist Kjell Skyllstad investigates.



‘The poetic spirit has the power to retune and reconnect a discordant, divided world,’  writes SGI President Daisaku Ikeda, a prolific and widely published poet.  

He urges us to reawaken the poet inside ourselves, saying, ‘Modern civilization will be healthy only when the poetic spirit regains its rightful place.’


I had been reflecting on why I often feel that I don’t have enough time for my creative interests. So I was looking forward to attending the first Creative Awakening seminar organised by the Institute of Oriental Philosophy UK at Taplow Court, writes Louise Ellis.

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Kseniya Simonova from Ukraine started drawing with sand after her business collapsed and had less than a year's experience as a sand animator when she entered the Ukraine's Got Talent TV show.

She became last year's winner, constructing an animation that portrayed life during the invasion and occupation of Ukraine in the Second World War.

Donner und blitzen!  Followed by bright periods and scattered showers...





Now from the sublime to the ridiculous: click 'Read More' to find out where women's money goes!

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Travelling  the highways and byways of Europe are eye-popping trucks brilliantly painted with 3-D images of the products they are carrying  This one has a giant beer bottle emerging from  the side of the trailer.




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Barak Obama Entering 10 Downing Street

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