Placebos can heal even though they contain no active ingredients. But is there more at work here than positive thinking? Is belief a catalyst for unlocking the brain's own healing power?





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The Majestic Plastic Bag is a clever and disturbing Attenborough-style mock documentary about the life of a plastic bag. 


“Over the course of its life the plastic bag will cover vast distances through neighbourhoods and across parks . . . the bag will travel hundreds of miles to join the thriving community of plastic known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”


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Sir Ken Robinson continues to challenge ideas on reforming education, claiming that we’ve sold ourselves into a 'fast food model' of education which is draining our spirit and energy.  Reformation is just not good enough, he says — we need a revolution!

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“We need to live differently in the 21st century. To live differently involves thinking differently, which involves seeing the world and ourselves from a new perspective,” says Matthew Taylor of the RSA, the charity committed to social change, and the creators of the delightful RSA Animate series which has revolutionized the way complex ideas are illustrated.



Here’s Matthew Taylor on 21st Century Enlightenment.




Humans are not wired for aggression and violence, says author and social thinker Jeremy Rifkin. On the contrary, we’re soft wired for attachment, companionship and a powerful drive to belong.


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Landshare is a scheme to bring together people who want to grow their own food but don’t have the land, with folk who have a bit of land to spare and are willing to share, writes Geraldine Royds-Betz




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The current revolution in neuroscience is reshaping the way we see the world. Just as Darwin changed the way we thought about our origins, new research is altering our understanding of brain function and its effect on human behaviour.




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