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Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer is 103 and still working!  A living legend, he is recognized as one of the great architects of the 20th century, famous for his public buildings in Brasilia as well as many other monuments around the world.

Exiled for many years because of his political affiliations to the communist party he never gave up on his ideals.  Young architects from all over the world are still welcome in his studio in Rio de Janeiro and he speaks movingly of trying to construct buildings that everyone can enjoy, not just the wealthy.

‘I always say that life seems more important than architecture. What I like is that fight for a better and more just world, that was always my concern,’ he says acknowledging that all his work contains an element of rebellion.

At the age of 99, he wed his assistant Vera Lucia Cabreira and his spirit and love of life are evident in his most recent work, the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre in Spain, which he describes as ‘an open square to humankind, a place for education, culture and peace.’

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