The Large Hadron Collider in CERN goes online this week and it marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in scientific discovery, writes Phil Becque.


The object of the exersize is to re-create (in miniature) the conditions just after the Big Bang and to see if certain particles are produced. Expectations are that the  'Higgs boson' aka 'The God Particle', may be detected.

The reason that scientists are interested in this, is because current theories are incomplete and discovering the Higgs would provide a better understanding of the interaction between gravity and mass (or why matter has weight - to you and me).

Knowing how easily frightened some TWU readers are - please don't worry about silly scare stories; like this causing the end of the world, or that you will disappear into a black hole, or the planet turning into 'grey goo', that are circulating on the internet. I can promise that you won't feel a thing!

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