Vishvapani – the Buddhist on BBC Radio 4's 'Thought for the Day' – has written a new biography of the Buddha. What’s left to say? Everything, he says. And the funny, original, surprising Buddha of history is more relevant than ever

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Philosopher Julian Baggini brilliantly explains how the Buddhist concept of dependent origination (engi) offers a path to personal liberation and development



In the light of the Leveson inquiry into the tabloid phone hacking scandal, an article I wrote several years ago on Buddhism and the Media is worth reading again, writes Louise Ellis.

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Healthcare and peace worker Dame Claire Bertschinger talks about her life and SGI Buddhism

In these times of economic disorder and high unemployment,  EF Schumacher’s visionary essay, Buddhist Economics, provides enlightening reading. He argues that a Buddhist way of life calls for an economy which has the purification of human character as its goal.

Published in his famous essay collection, Small is Beautiful, the ideas he proposes are a refreshing change from the economic view of modern materialism, based on growth. 

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Buddhism teaches a path leading to freedom and happiness. But does this mean giving up our attachments and desires? Or transforming the way we relate to our own needs and to the world around us?  



‘Mandala? You mean that Yin and Yang thing?’ The familiar Taoist visual representing the complementary qualities of male and female – opposition and interdependence – may shed a tiny light on oriental thinking. But  there are loads more mandalas around, writes Diane Southam.



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