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Comedian David Armand gives a brilliant mime performance to Queen’s hit song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now.’ 


Radio Loony is an Argentine radio station run by psychiatric patients at a hospital in Buenos Aires. Founded to give patients a voice, it became a big hit and now has more than 12 million fans.

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What are your Dreams?  To have a full head of hair or world peace?  To drive a fancy car or to own a rickshaw? To get married? To find work or simply to have a future? Yann Arthus-Betrand had an idea: ‘go and meet the 6 billion inhabitants of the planet, listen to their stories.’ 

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War has claimed many victims in eastern Congo — but not the crafts people of the SHONA cooperative! These inspiring women show what faith and perseverance – and a little help from a friend – can do.

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Two New Zealand artists travelled to the Thai/Burma border in 2009 to teach refugee children art. But their help didn't stop there. Since returning to New Zealand they have set up The Little Lotus Project, commissioning artists to create works based on the children’s art with all funds raised from the artworks going towards the children's welfare and education.

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‘6 Billion Others’ is a video exhibition which draws a picture of mankind — and illuminates our common humanity — by asking questions. Yann Arbus-Bertrand had a simple concept: ‘Go and meet the six billion inhabitants of the planet, listen to their stories, share with them.’  This film asks the question, ‘What are your fears?’


Described as one of the most important human rights activists in the world, Helen Bamber is still campaigning at the age of 83, saying she doesn’t feel able to retire when there are still people needing her help

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