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Sharing online content is a part of modern life but what do we share and why? Research shows that what we share is shaped by our emotions – positive content, especially if it is surprising, interesting or practically useful, is more viral that negative material andawe-inspiring articles are the most viral of all.


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Daphne Koller started with a simple idea: make the world’s best university courses available, online, free to anyone who wants to take them.


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‘One of the more heart-warming stories to zoom around the Internet lately involves a young man, his dying grandmother, and a bowl of clam chowder from Panera Bread.


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This beautiful film follows young street boys and girls in Kabul where two Australian aid workers have started a skateboarding school


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Many People with Asperger’s syndrome have difficulties with the social aspects of the work environment even though many have special abilities that are highly valued in the workplace. A Danish company has found a way to match Asperger's talent for concentration, data analysis and computer programming with the job market and is now exporting its successful concept to other countries.

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Every two weeks, Jason and Karen Jarrett take a Buddhist study point and do their best to make it accessible and useful to listeners. They are members of Soka Gakkai International, a worldwide lay organisation that promotes practical Buddhism for living in the twenty-first century - not in a remote retreat but in the midst of ordinary, daily life.


The philosopher Emmanuel Kant called music 'the quickening art'. Carers for the elderly are discovering that it has remarkable power to reach even those suffering from dementia.


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