Looking for a quirky Royal Wedding souvenir?  Make your own!  

Fiona Goble's new book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding includes instructions for the corgis, courtiers and even a bishop!


Suddenly feeling really happy? It could be that happiness is spreading through your social network just like a virus right now. Or are you putting on weight? That could be the fault of your friend's husband's work colleague—someone you have never met. These are just two of the dramatic findings in a new book by Dr Nicholas Christakis and Professor James Fowler.

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We are caught up in a social and economic revolution driven by the internet and we are educating out of our children one of the survival skills they really need - creativity.

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It’s hip, it’s green – it’s the world’s smallest solar-powered cinema.

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Swiss artist Francois Robert works with human bones for his work Stop The Violence, photographic images that depict the terrible cost of war.

‘Each image is a symbol of war or violence, such as a gun or a tank, and I wanted to show that sadly the human skeleton is often all that remains from such acts of violence. This is what you are left with after war – a body count,’ he explains.

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Zainab Salbi was only 23 when she decided to forgo her honeymoon and use the money to support women survivors of the war in Croatia.

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French pensioner Frederika Goldberger has a new project — at the age 91. She is the star performer in the quirky photo series of her grandson, Sacha.

 ‘Until my 80th year of life,’ she says, ‘I worked in the fashion industry.  Then the telephone no longer rang, I felt lonely and not needed.

So Sacha took these crazy photos of me and put them on a Myspace page. The project is fun for me. It keeps me young,’ says Madame Goldberger, who now has over 2,000 new friends on Myspace.

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